10 Pictures Of Ayesha Takia Without Makeup

Many women feel self conscious without makeup. Makeup is a quick fix to all minor blemishes. A touch of foundation can hide pimple marks while a touch of kohl can bring out the beauty of one’s eye. For celebrities, who are continuously under public scrutiny, makeup is considered a must. Very few venture out without it in fear of criticism. Some actresses, like Ayesha Takia however have both natural beauty and the courage to step outside their comfort zone and be photographed without makeup.

Ayesha Takia Without Makeup

Here are the 10 latest pictures of Ayesha Takia without makeup.

1. Orange This Season:

Orange this seasonPinit

Ayesha looks great in casuals. She was spotted wearing an orange top with blue jeans with no makeup on. This star looks perfect on screen and off it too.

2. Ayesha with A Polka Dotted Scarf:


A polka dotted scarfPinit

A picture of Ayesha Takia with minimalistic make up wearing a pink sweater with a black and white polka dotted scarf brings out the natural beauty of the actress. She looks completely at ease with the camera and quite fantastic, even without makeup.

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3. Ayesha Looks Simple in White:

Simple and whitePinit

A snapshot of Ayesha was taken in a white top with a necklace. Her hair was long and fell till her waist and her face was hardly covered with any makeup. Ayesha is a celebrity who does not need the help of chemical products to make her look beautiful.


4. Ayesha in Pink Dress:

Lively pinkPinit

Ayesha has a very lively smile that lights up her entire face. A close up of her sporting her wonderful smile was taken where one does not even notice the absence of makeup. Her hair fell in straight curls up to her waist and she was wearing a dark pink top.

5. Classy Look of Ayesha Takia:

A classy lookPinit

Makeup is not always worth it, especially if you have looks that match those of Ayesha Takia. A photograph of her walking towards the camera in a yellow blazer with a white top makes it quite evident that this actress can look lovely, even without makeup.

6. Ayesha Takia without Makeup Pic in Movies:

Movies tooPinit

Ayesha is an actress who can even act without makeup. A still from a movie with Ayesha Takia almost absent makeup exhibits the extreme beauty of this actress. The picture has her dolled up in traditional clothes but with very little makeup on her face.

7. Ayesha in a Gray Outfit:

A simple beautyPinit

Here is a photograph of Ayesha wearing a gray outfit with a shawl wrapped around her neck. Her hair falls in straight curls and suits her perfectly. She looks absolutely fantastic in the picture even though she in sans makeup.

8. Ayesha Takia in Complete Close Up Look:

A complete close upPinit

In this picture, we can see Ayesha in a close up where nothing more than her forehead covered with fringes and parts of her neck can be seen. The picture brings out her brown eyes wonderfully and she looks exquisite, especially without makeup.

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9. Ayesha Takia in Indian Traditional Wear:

Indian traditional wearPinit

Ayesha was photographed in a white salwar suit looking away from the camera, sporting her big, friendly smile. She looked glamorous even though she was not wearing any makeup.

10. By the Sea:

By the seaPinit

A very lively picture of Ayesha sitting by the seaside was taken. She had a very natural look mostly because she was wearing very little makeup.

So what do you say after looking at these Aisha Takia without makeup photos? Lovely right? Do tell us!