5 Celebrities With Tattooed Eyebrows

Do you like to have an eyebrow tattoo? Want to flaunt your eyebrow tattoos wherever you go? Eyebrow tattoos are cool, and some top celebs also have had them! Would you like to know who they are? Go ahead with your read!

What Is An Eyebrow Tattoo?

Tattoos became the hottest trend a few years ago. While few people found solace in tattoos as a way to express themselves, others resorted to it to show their rebellious streak! Today, many have come to realize the many benefits of the art of tattoo. People are now using the creative skill of tattoo to regain their lost looks or to create a feature they don’t naturally possess.

There are some celebrities who have got an eyebrow tattoo to accentuate their good looks and beauty. Getting an eyebrow tattoo is quite a painful experience and demands courage. Since it is to stay forever, one wrong decision could mean distorting your looks for a lifetime. However, the perfect eyebrow tattoo can highlight your features by adding shape, color, symmetry, density and balance. It can be a long-lasting and smudge-free solution to get that perfect arch on your face and up your glam quotient! Want to know which celebrities have tattooed eyebrows?

Top Celebrities with Tattooed Eyebrows

Following is a list of the top celebrities with tattooed eyebrows sported at the best!

1. Coleen Rooney:


Coleen RooneyPinit

Image: Shutterstock

She has got an eyebrow tattoo to ensure that she always has the perfect look. While makeup accentuates her natural beauty, her inked eyebrows make quite a few heads turn. Her inked eyebrows and natural color are in stark contrast. Thus, her new look dramatically redefines her gorgeous looks. She has highly pointed eyebrows that many would love to flaunt.

2. Natalie Cassidy:

Natalie CassidyPinit

Image: Shutterstock

While the lady has oodles of beauty and charm, she opted for an eyebrow tattoo to turn into a style diva! Using an eyebrow pencil was her favorite makeup trick before getting the tattoo. She had very thin and sparse eyebrows earlier. The dark eyebrow ink defines her delicate features now. Her eyebrows now arch dramatically, and while most appreciate her makeover with the eyebrow tattoo, some may feel it makes her look bewildered all the time. No matter what the critics say, the arched eyebrow has a style of its own!

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3. Katie Price:

 Katie PricePinit

Image: Shutterstock

Katie Price is famous for her make-up fetish and how she uses it to perfect her looks. She is a trendsetter as she is one of the earliest heroines and models to go for an eyebrow tattoo to add oomph to her gorgeous looks. With the permanent ink to shape her eyebrows, the mother of three saves a lot of time that she would otherwise spend struggling to make her eyebrows look perfect.

4. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina JoliePinit

Image: Shutterstock

She is one of the best examples of how to get the eyebrow tattoo right. Angelina Jolie has got an eyebrow tattoo to touch up along the length of her natural eyebrow growth and in the same color. Her eyebrow tattoo looks natural and subtly works magic on her ravishing face! She is one of the celebs who have set an example of how to perfect her looks without going over the top!

5. Rihanna:


Image: Shutterstock

Rihanna has a beautiful voice, and she has drop-dead sultry looks too! She got an eyebrow tattoo to highlight her exquisite features up her exotic appeal!

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Though eyebrow tattoo designs look cool, it is advisable to not meddle around too much with a tattoo around the eyes as the area is highly sensitive and could cause irreversible damage. Be careful and go to trained tattoo artists only.

These are some of the celebrities who have tattooed eyebrows. Now you know the style secret to becoming a glam goddess! Go ahead and get an eyebrow tattoo done and turn into a dream diva. Do you know any other celebrities with tattooed eyebrows, if so shoot a comment below.