9 Pictures Of Madonna Without Makeup

Simply Gorgeous – With or Without Makeup!

The world of music offers all the fanfare, fame, name and money that one can ever imagine. People often think this field to be very generous in terms of its rewards. Artists are usually blamed for earning quick buck. What we don’t realize is that making it big in this industry needs some real courage and patience. Most of us also forget how the shelf life of artists is directly proportional to their fan following. It gets limited to how the audiences receive their work.

Under such circumstances, it is extremely essential for any artist to constantly reinvent himself/herself. In fact, the industry often judges and rates a musician’s progress based on his/her ability of rediscovering themselves. The lack of this same ability has led many stars to fizzle out too soon.

The competition gets stiffer with new groups and individuals entering the industry every single day. Amidst such grave competition, it takes a lot more than mere vocal talent to survive and maintain a steady level of popularity. But as they, old is gold, few artists have stood the test of time really well. Madonna, our very own ‘Queen of Pop’, is one such stunning example. An example of how an individual with fans across generations has enjoyed an unnaturally long and fruitful career.

She sure is past the prime of her youth, but she continues to stun and entertain us and how! Her beauty can give the young biggies of today a run for their money. Don’t believe us?

Madonna Without Makeup Photos

Check out the top 9 latest pictures of Madonna without makeup.


1. Go Green:

madonna green eyesPinit

Madonna has charmed us with her blue green eyes. Seen here, she teams up this green attire to match her eye colour. To top it, she chooses to go sans make up. Her wonderful eyes get all the attention they deserve. This charming singer, song writer, actor, entrepreneur, director and philanthropist need not be covered in makeup to look pretty.

2. Who Says Madonna is Ageing!

madonna casePinit

Many might say that age and beauty are inversely proportional. However, this is quite untrue in Madonna’s case. Age sure doesn’t seem to affect her beauty at all. This casual chic look without makeup makes her look uber cool.

3. No Comparison:

madonna hitler comparisonPinit

Many a times, when pictures of celebrities with and without make up are compared, they turn out to be quite a disaster. This is definitely not the case with Madonna. When we compared these two pictures, all we figured out was how graceful this lady is and no, it is not her makeup that does the trick. These pictures prove it.

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4. A Day Without Makeup:

day without makeupPinit

Our queen of pop, like all other artists, is always under the scanner. However, she too needs her space to breathe. It is too much to assume that every time a celebrity steps out, she does so with oodles of makeup. Look how our famous star Madonna steps out without makeup. It is in fact quite refreshing to see the real Madonna, simply beautiful!

5. Simpleton:

something simplePinit

Just when everyone expected Madonna to retire, she came and surprised us back with two new albums. This singer is one of the most influential women in the world. She has created her own identity and place and is a symbol of free will. A free will that can dare face the camera without any traces of makeup. Brave and simple!

6. Madonna With White V-Necked Shirt:

madonna photographedPinit

You don’t need too many things to rock a cool look on a hot summery afternoon. Madonna was photographed wearing a white v necked shirt and large headphones the other day. Even without any makeup on, she manages to stun us in her simple avatar. Attitude is all she is wearing I say.

7. Madonna’s Messy Look:

very messy Pinit

Ruffled up hair and a pair of black sunglasses is all Madonna needs to grab our attention. Her natural beauty never ceases to surprise us. Look how exquisite she looks in the picture without borrowing from any sort of makeup.

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8. A Sporty Day:

a sports dayPinit

Madonna is a role model for many young girls out there. So when this immensely popular celebrity decides to step out without makeup, she promotes honesty and courage. And no, she doesn’t hide these virtues behind any makeup.

9. Mad Hatter!

white sun hatPinit

Sun hats have always been a favourite in showbiz. While the hat blocks the sun away, the heat only melts up the makeup, making the face look cakey and sweaty. Our Madonna dons this sun hat and still looks refreshingly beautiful. Reason: no makeup!

Which one of these is your favourite look of Madonna without makeup? Did you enjoy reading this article? Do you have more such pictures of Madonna without make up. Share the pictures by leaving your comments below.