How To Apply Blush On A Round Face?

Blush is an important part of your daily makeup routine. It gives you a chiselled jaw look which makes your face appear slimmer and really contoured. A correct swipe of a perfect coloured blush can give you a perfect photogenic look. For applying a blush on different face shapes, the application process needs to differ from one face shape to the other.

Especially when it comes to round face contouring with a blush, you need to keep a few things in mind. Today we will show you a step by step process on how to apply blush on a round face.

How to Apply Blush on Round Face?

A few basics before we start applying blush on round face:

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1. Select a colour of blush near to your skin complexion. If you are really pale then go for pinkish shades otherwise select peachy rosy shades as you move towards the tanned complexion of the shade scale. For an Indian fair complexion a light rosy blush suits the best while for an Indian tanned complexion a peachy shade is the best.

2. Do not use shimmer or glitter blush on the hollows of cheeks.

3. If you are applying a powder blush, do not apply directly over a foundation which has a powdery finish. It will just lead to blotchiness. Apply a moisturiser first. If you don’t want to apply a moisturiser, then apply a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation directly and then use the powder blush on it.

For a cream blush, use it on a powdered compact base. It will lead to less blotchiness. You don’t need to worry about the foundation type too much in this case.

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4. Avoid the use of finger tips, swabs, cotton balls or makeup sponges. Use a good quality blush brush. See that the bristles have a super satin soft feel to them.

5. For a round face the contouring of the face is very important to give it a more oval and chiselled look.

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How to apply blush on a round face?

1. You must use blush on the smallest area between eye brows and the hairline. This will give a sleeker look of the forehead.

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2. Suck your cheeks in and follow the contour of the cheek apples .Swipe very lightly in two to three strokes along the sides on the cheek apples starting from near the mouth point leaving about half an inch upto the point near the ear.

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3. Blush not only contours the cheek but also sharpens your nose. Take the blush brush and in one single straight line along sides of the nose. Do the same on the opposite side. Do not use over the nose bone.

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4. A round face is basically round because of the roundness of the chin. Chiselling of the chin area is hence needed. Follow blushing as per the shown lines below. The one inch space at the two sides of the chin should be given one gentle swipe of the blush. Don’t use too much blush here. Use whatever is left on the brush.

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5. Final contour lining should be as follows for a round face.

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Blush should always be applied with light hands so that the redness gets mixed with your skin and should look natural.

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6. This is totally optional but if you want a rosy touch to the cheek apples, then select another shade of blush, which is lighter than the shade you are using on to the contours and give a round swipe of this blush on to the cheek apples.

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Tip: If you are using a cream blush, don’t forget to pat a little bit of compact gently after application for a satin smooth no-blotch finish. And your makeup is complete!