How To Get Perfect Arched Eyebrows?

We often want to get those arch shaped eyebrows like celebs, the best example being Angelina Jolie and curse our genes for not leaving us with naturally beautiful eyebrows. But lets face it , do we often get what we want even from the parlors?

Nay! So some of you do try tweezing, at least i do and i love it . Some feel the pain, there’s others who prefer waxing for eye brows also. But waxing on eye brows can never really give u those perfect arched eyebrows.

How To Get Arched Eyebrows

Here ‘s a few tips toward getting those perfect arch eyebrows (with less pain, if your trying this for the first time) with tweezers:

tips for eyebrows shaping Pinit

1. How to Reduce the pain? Well i’d say this much that there are two ways and either of u choose it’s gonna lessen the pain, but not be totally pain free, so don’t blame me later. But yes once  practice and keep practicing , u’ll get used to it and pain is automatically reduced, this is my personal experience. Coming to the methods, well firstly either u can with a warm moistened cloth swipe the area of the eyebrows. This opens pores and hairs come out easily or you may use an ice cube to numb the area , so that when u pull the hairs then the pain is less.You can do either of these, but don’t do both together.

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2. Refer this diagram :  You are confused on which hairs to pull out? Take an eyebrow pencil and draw the eyebrow(the shape u want and according to the arch that is suitable for ur face by the measuring technique in the diagram above) now u’ll be able to pull out the hairs at the sides of the shape or any stray hairs here there by following the shape drawn.

get perfect eyebrow shape Pinit

3. Tweeze away all stray hairs that extend from the brows towards the ears and also the hairs in between. Now start with tweezing the hairs (always in the direction of growth) below the eyebrow.

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4. Make sure to take a mirror after all the hardwork and see whether the shapes match. So when ur following a drawn eyebrow, always draw perfectly and then tweeze.

eyebrow shapes for different eyes Pinit

5. Do not over tweeze and remember the sharper cut face u got , with sharp nose, real sharp features, then go for softer arches , otherwise it’ll look artificially pronounced . The roundish and less sharp face u got , Go for high arched eyebrows , but do not over tweeze and make ur face a doll face!

tips to get perfect arched eyebrows for asians Pinit

6. If by chance u’ve accidentally plucked too much then u can fill up the lines by using a dark brown eye brow pencil , we Indians have black hair , but still it’s best for eyebrows to go for dark brown eye brow pencils not jet black ones.They seem quite unnatural when used.

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So isn’t this an easy way to get perfect arches? Stop thinking about the pain for once and think about Beauty, the pain will be gone when u witness ur plucked beautiful eye brow arches !