Smokey Eye Makeup Tips For Small And Big Eyes

We all love smokey eyes looks, but due to the shape of the eyes, we sometimes fail to achieve the proper look for our eyes. Sometimes we end up using darker shades while at other times our smokey effect looks ghastly.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Here are a few tips which can be of good use when choosing smokey makeup effect for different sizes of eyes.

A. Smokey Eye Makeup Tips For Smaller Eyes

Some people have smaller eyes as compared to the overall size of their face. Smokey eyes for small eyes has a whole different approach to it. So if you are one of them then these tips might be helpful:

  • Smokey Eye Look For Eyeid Pinit

    Prime your eye lid; that’s the first step. Then use a concealer on the lids, not necessarily on to creases but a must on the brow bones.

  • Next, if you want you may apply small little dots of foundation and blend well on the part where you might be having dark circles, it’s very important to cover them up.


  • Smokey Eye Look For Apply Light Colour Pinit

    Make sure that you use not too dark a brown or black or bronze or purple for smokey eyes when your eye’s are small.

  • Do not use the dark color all over your eye lids.
  • Use a Q-tip or an applicator to use the dark color only from half end of the eyes extending towards the brows but not reaching them in a tail.
  • Use a lighter color to make eyes pop out on to the frontal lids.
  • Line your upper lids with a very thin line of liner. Preferably with a shade near to black but not jet black. The more black the more shrunken your eyes will look.
  • You may line the lower rim too, but for some people it works and makes eyes look popped up and for others it depresses the look. So do a trial and error for lining of lower rim. You can line your lower rim with a milky white liner also.
  • Smokey Eye Look For Small eyes Pinit

    Now take a shimmer white or silver eye pencil and just put a dot between the nose and the eyes. Also just below the brow cover the area with silver shimmer to high light the brow bone.

  • If your lashes are small, don’t hesitate to use false lashes. Do a double curling before and after mascara application for both the upper and lower lashes.

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B. Smokey Eye Makeup Tips For Big and Elongated Eyes

Smokey Eye Look For Bigger eyes Pinit

Big eyes are a canvas to play with. Smokey eyes on big eyes are simple and easy to do. You can even play with darkest of shades and also multiple shades at the same time by blending 3-4 colors together.

  • Prime your eyelids and then use concealer and foundation (if required) like usual.
  • Sometimes it’s like your eyes seem sort of out of proportion and too big than your face’s area. In such cases you need to focus on using bold and darker colors.
  • Smokey Eye Look For Bigger eyes1 Pinit

    Use a bronze or dark mauve shade (a shade lighter than dark purple) and so on for any color like blue or green and do your eye lids frontals .

  • Next use darker shade like black for bronze or dark purple for mauve and so on to the crease.
  • Smokey Eye Look For Elognated eyes Pinit

    Now blend up this darker shade to a shade near t black from the extreme end point of crease extending in a tail to just below the brow bones.

  •  Use a very small amount of shimmer white on to brow bones and that too in a thin line just below the brows.
  • Smokey Eye Look For Elognated eyes1 Pinit

    Use a liner in a darker shade, preferably jet black and line in a thick fashion.

  •  Line the under rim line as well, nothing to experiment here since your eyes are big enough. Just make them proportionate by using kohl or kajal or liner whatever you prefer.
Smokey Eye Look For Bigger eyes2 Pinit

Use mascara along with false lashes if you want to go for big sexy dark eyes.

  •  If your lashes are good enough, double curling is not required. It would make the look too made up and artificial. But still if you want to you can do so.
  • Use mascara on both the upper and lower lashes without any restrictions.
  • You can use just a small tiny dot of shimmer white pencil (elle 18 eye sparklers is good ) for that start point of eyes near the nose.

Follow these simple tips and have sexy and smokey eyes. Remember the more darker shades your use, the smaller your eyes look and vice versa!