South Indian Bridal Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Images

One of the most special days in any girl’s life is her wedding day. While most girls will dream of their wedding from a very young age, every girl wants it to be a memorable experience. With the bride being the center of attention in any wedding, it’s imperative she look her absolute best on this most special day!

South Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

A South Indian bride can be identified with her elaborate ornaments. Weddings in the southern part of India are a colourful affair, and the bride is adorned in bright jewel toned colours, mostly golds, blues, greens, yellows, greens and other bright hues. One of the biggest features of a south Indian bride is her head dress, which is an instant eye-catcher. This is one of the reasons why a bride from southern India wears a lot of makeup, with bright and bold colours, but without looking garish or loud.

While it may sound quite a lot, getting the right south Indian bride makeup look isn’t that difficult. With the right steps and a little practice, you can easily achieve this look, without going over the top. And that is why you need some South Indian bridal makeup tips!

Here are the steps to help you create a bright South Indian bridal makeup look that will help match the bright wedding attire:

Step 1

The base of any makeup is to start on a clean and fresh face.


  • Use a cleanser to gently clean off any dirt or existing makeup.
  • Once your face is clean apply a gentle moisturizer to hydrate the skin.
  • A dry face can end up making your makeup look cakey.

A nourishing moisturizer from Dior has been used in this step.

nourishing moisturizer Pinit

Step 2

The entire wedding day will be very hectic for the bride and her makeup has to stay on for a long time. Use a high quality primer to help your makeup last perfectly till the end. The application of a primer also creates a smooth canvas for the makeup to work on, and refines the pores on your face. The Smashbox Primer used here makes skin look silky and even.

Step 3

The essence of any bright makeup is the use of concealer. This helps hide dark under eye circles, blemish marks and pimples on the face. Use a cream based concealer to slowly pat on the problem areas. You should not rub the product, as this will thin out the product and will not cover the required areas properly.

dewy makeup foundation Pinit

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Step 4

Go for a dewy makeup foundation for the face. The foundation shade should be same as your skin tone. Often women make the mistake of using foundations that are way too light for their complexion. This will make the makeup look chalky and greyish. Use a wet sponge or foundation brush to make the foundation spread evenly on your entire face. A foundation brush from Faces Cosmetics has been used in this step. Once done, you can set the face makeup with a setting powder.

Step 5

Start your eye makeup with a brightening eye cream. The Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream has been used here. You can apply eye primer on the lids or substitute the primer with a concealer. This application will make the colours prominent. Apply a glittery apricot shade on the entire lower lid. Apply a matte brown shade on the center of the lid with a fluffy brush. Take another bright and glittery shade like plum or chocolate brown. Start applying it from the center of the crease and extend it towards the outer corner. Now take a blending brush and gently blend all the colours. This will give you a bright eye look.

nude shade with glitters Pinit

Step 6

Take a nude shade with glitters and apply on your brow bones and inner corners of the eye. This will highlight the eyes and give them a brighter appearance.

Step 7

Take a black eye liner and draw a thick line along the upper and lower lash lines. Join both the lines at the outer corner in the shape of a wing. Finish the eye look by applying oodles of mascara on the lashes.

cheek makeup Pinit

Step 8

For the cheek makeup, start with a bronzer to define your jawline and cheekbones. This is quite a trick as you need to identify the exact point where the cheek should be contoured. Start by puckering up your lips and locating the hollow of your cheeks. Now apply the bronzer across the hollow area. It should start from the center of the cheeks and extend towards the ears.

highlight the cheeks Pinit

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Step 9

The next step is to highlight the cheeks. Take a rosy blush that has subtle shimmer pigments. As a bride, you will be constantly photographed, so the lights need to pick up your makeup properly. Using a shimmery blush will make your cheeks glow in the light. A two-toned blush from Smashbox has been used here.

lip makeup Pinit

Step 10

The final step is the lip makeup. Start by priming your lips with a lip balm. This will make your lips smooth. Take a lip liner which is almost the same shade as the lipstick you are about to use. Outline the lips with the liner. Fill in the lips with a bright lip colour. It is best to choose shades in berry or wine tones. These colours look good on Indian complexion. The lip colour used here is from Avon.

gorgeous look Pinit

So here was an easy yet gorgeous look suitable for a South Indian bride that anybody can try. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully and create an amazing look for the biggest day of your life. All the best, and congratulations!