Top 10 Bridal Makeup Packages In India

Weddings are life changing events that offer lifetime of memories. Indian weddings are globally renowned for their grand and lavish rituals ranging from Haldi to Mehendi, Sangeet, Sagai (engagement), Shaadi (wedding) and reception. And this lavish affair needs some extra work in the makeup front! And this is where bridal makeup packages prices come to the rescue.

10 Best Bridal Prices In India:

Every girl wants to epitomize beauty on the day of her wedding. Take a look at the 10 renowned bridal makeup price list in India and pick the one that works for you on your big day.

1. Nahush Airbrush Bridal Makeup:

Nahush, a renowned makeup stylish based in Mumbai, exclusively offers airbrush bridal makeup package. The airbrush makeup bridal package includes hairstyling, draping and complete face makeup. The cost is usually exclusive of wedding trials for which you need to pay separately. This makeup in specific offers a full proof coverage against dark spots, blemishes and dark circles to make the skin well toned and even.

Price: Rs. 25,000 for one time draping, makeup and hairstyling. Rs. 4,500 for wedding trial

2. HD Bridal Makeup By Nahush:


This is a camera ready makeup option for brides to look like a postcard beauty- blemish free, glowing and natural. It includes a skin healthy makeup regimen that focuses on the use of best coverage cosmetics for maximum radiance.

Price: Rs. 18,000 rupees for one time draping, makeup and hairstyle and Rs. 4,500 for wedding trial

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3. Regular Bridal Makeup By Nahush:

This price for bridal makeup is the least expensive of all the three bridal packages offered by Nahush. It involves sprucely selecting high quality chemical free cosmetics for makeup and styling. The high quality makeup base keeps the makeup from cracking or smudging easily.

Price: Rs.15, 000 for one time draping, makeup and hairstyle and Rs. 4,500 for wedding trial

4. Body Polishing Bridal Package By The Golden Palms-Hotel And Spa:

Get drenched in the goodness of luxury bridal makeup offered by The Golden Palms- Hotel and Spa.

A few special incorporations of this bridal package are:

(i) 1 sitting of a special bridal facial.

(ii) 1 sitting of full body wax.

(iii) 1 sitting of full body polishing

(iv) 1 sitting of full body massage

(v) 1 hair spa session

(vi) Threading- eyebrows, upper lips, forehead, chin

(vii) 1 sitting of pedicure

(viii) 1 sitting of manicure

Price: Rs. 19,999

5. Special Bridal Package By The Golden Palms- Hotel And Spa:

This is mainly a pre-bridal package that makes you ready for your engagement, Mehendi and Sangeet. It works on making your skin problem free and radiant.

A few special incorporations of this pre-bridal engagement ready package are- gold facial, full body wax, full body massage, papaya and rose body glow, crystal salt’s scrub session for body toning, hair spa, threading, manicure and pedicure.

Price: Rs. 22,999

6. VLCC Bridal Package:

VLCC is a huge brand name in the fashion industry. It offers 12 exclusive bridal looks in its bridal packages- Punjabi brides, Rajasthani Brides, Catholic Brides, Bangladeshi Bride, Sri Lanka Bride, Tamil Bride, Muslim Bride, Karnataka Bride, Bengali Bride Andhra Bride, Maharashtrian Bride and Gujarati Bride. These 12 looks offer the flexibility to customize your bridal look at will.

Price: Rs. 23,000 to 30,000 approximately

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7. Reception Bridal Package By Lakme:

Lakme is the giant makeup company that offers skin healthy cosmetics. The Reception bridal package by Lakme offers a sophisticated look to Indian Brides.

A few special incorporations of the Reception Bridal Package by Lakme are:

(i) Draping sarees in different styles (traditional,      south Indian, Lehanga style, V shape and much more).

(ii) Hair styling (with hair accessories like flowers,      beads, ornaments and much more).

(iii) Makeup (face, hands and feet).

Price: Rs. 22,000 to 20,000

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8. De-Stress Bridal Package By Lakme:

This bridal package focuses on making Indian brides photo ready for their wedding day. It may include gold facial, waxing, body exfoliation, manicure, pedicure and threading.

Price: Rs. 8,000 to 12,000

9. 60 Day Wedding Rituals Bridal Package By Kaya:

Get ready to transform your looks in 60 days with the 60 day wedding rituals bridal package by Kaya. This is a tedious bridal makeup price package that offers complete skin transformation from dull to glowing, dark to fair, acne prone to acne free and fair to radiant.

Price: Rs. 30,000 to 40,000

10. Bridal Glow Bridal Package By Kaya:

This is a bridal package exclusive to dull skin. This 2 weeks bridal care treatment offers the goodness of Meso Glow and Aqua radiance to transform your skin from lifeless to lively.

Price: Rs. 9,000 to 12,000

The above-listed 10 bridal makeup prices are dream bridal treatments to transform your looks completely on your special day!.

Would you like to experience the dramatic effects of these bridal packages for your big day? Which bridal package did you choose for your wedding? Do share your feedback in the comment section.