Top 5 Naturals Salon Bridal Makeup Packages

Worried about how you will present yourself at your wedding? The presentation is really a major concern since every girl wants to give up those flattering looks. Moreover, the Indian weddings are long and this requires the bride to be picture perfect all the day long. Not to worry at all since you can avail the services of the Naturals, a well known beauty salon.

Established about a decade ago, the naturals salon is a versatile and affordable beauty salon that caters a wide range of beauty and hair care services. The bridal packages start from one day packages tp three month packages. They would definitely make you look ravishing on that day.

Top 5 Naturals Salon Bridal Makeup Packages:

Here are the best 5 Bridal packages from which you can choose at your wedding time:

1. Instant Pre-Bridal Package:

This package is suitable if the bride is busy and short on time, yet wishes to look gorgeous on her wedding day. This instant pre-bridal package gives the bride a complete makeover just the day before the wedding.

The service starts with an intense head massage that would help to relieve the stress. Followed by full body wax, bleach covering the face, neck, and blouse line. Smooth massages for the hands and legs; with a manicure and pedicure to remove the dead cells, making the skin feel fresh. And last but not the least, a radiant face therapy that would keep the face glowing on the bride’s special day.


A basic pre-bridal package service is offered at low cost to meet the basic requirements.

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2. Premium Bridal Package:

A premium pre-bridal package for the bride who wants to get pampered with luxurious service just three days prior to the wedding can be availed.

Services include skin lightening facial which reduces the tan on the skin, a full body waxing and bleach, a relaxing hair moisturizing spa, spa manicure and spa pedicure. Price is moderately higher than the pre-bridal package listed above.

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3. Premium Bridal Package – 2:

Another premium pre-bridal package is available, which is also usually done three days before the wedding day. The bride can treat herself while she enhances the glow of her skin.

Services include a full body wax and bleach which will make the skin smooth, removes the tans, and lightens the colour of the skin to make the skin glow. Spa pedicure and manicure, a hair spa, complete body polish, and a signature facial.

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4. Bridal Make Up Package:

An exclusive, premium luxury package which includes an exclusive bridal saree draping, a hair-do, make-up, and change of nail polish are the services bride can avail.

Treat your friend: There is a special deal offered in this package. A friend of the bride can avail services like eye and lip makeup, saree draping, hair-do, make-up, and the change of nail polish. The extra services will be charged individually in this package.

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5. For Total Skin Care:

This service is a total skin care package, which is also relaxing. This package covers a complete care from head to toe. The bride can even choose either an individual or a combined package from the spa service to enjoy a complete skin care; from basic and affordable head to toe body massage to luxurious services based on the advice of the in-house professionals and/or of the bride’s liking.

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Ladies, make your dreams and wish of looking beautiful and special on the wedding day come true by choosing the various services of the well trained and equipped professionals at Natural salon.

Naturals Salon offers services for men as well. It offers individual services and special packages for men to look their best on their wedding day.

*All the service and the price of each package mentioned above vary from franchisee to franchisee within a city and in different cities.*

Have you availed any of these services before? Or would you avail them now for your yet to come D-day. Do not forget to share your experiences with us.