10 Pictures Of Rihanna Without Makeup


Ever seen Rihanna without makeup? Wondering whether she will still manage to look beautiful and sexy? Well, she definitely does look stunning! She is blessed with natural good looks and does not need the help of makeup to look beautiful. To prove the point, here are the top 10 pics of Rihanna without makeup delineated.

Rihanna Without Makeup Pictures

1. Rihanna With A Loose Grey T-Shirt And A Sling Bag

rihanna without makeupPinit

In this pic, one can see a glimpse of her real beauty. She is wearing a loose grey t-shirt with a sling bag. She has left her hair open without styling it, sporting a casual chic look. Her black nail polish is definitely a stunner!

2. Rihanna With Soft Curly Hair

rihanna beat up againPinit


Rihanna looks serene and beautiful without any makeup in this pic. Her soft curls beautifully framing her face. This picture clearly reveals that she is not scared of stepping out without any makeup adorning her face. She is wearing a deep pink coloured top with regular denims, sporting a very casual and carefree look.

3. Rihanna with Black on Top

photographs rihannaPinit

These photographs show Rihanna without a hint of makeup. She is wearing a simple, black tube top and black nail polish to match the overall look. She left her hair open which makes her look seductive. Her beautiful smile replaces the need for any makeup. Blessed with a beautiful complexion, the style diva doesn’t have to really work very hard on her looks.

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4. Rihanna with Short Haircut

rihanna seductivePinit

In this pic, Rihanna is looking somewhat lost and confused. She sported a short haircut which does not look good on her. Her white top, even though sexy, is not at all complimenting her look.

5. Rihanna with Leather Jacket

rihanna beautifulPinit

In this picture she is back! Rihanna looks simply stunning sans any makeup. Her curly tresses framing her perfect face rather perfectly. Her leather jacket definitely gives her an edgy look.

6. Rihanna in 2 Avatars

rihanna with drakePinit

This picture shows Rihanna in two avatars – with and without make up. The left pic reveals her dull side – dark circles, clumsy hair and lifeless skin. She looks simply unattractive and tired. But despite the worn out look, you can still see that her skin is almost flawless! Her pendent is a real bummer though, making her look tacky.

7. Rihanna’s Dull and Lifeless Look

picture rihanna beat upPinit

In this picture, Rihanna is looking much better without any make up. Her hair is beautifully styled in a wavy fashion, but her face is looking dull and lifeless. The tired look doesn’t become her much. She is wearing a black top with a light grey coloured jacket.

8. Rihanna in Black Dress

rihanna natural beauty Pinit

In this image, Rihanna looks beautiful without any makeup. She is usually spotted wearing different shades of black. I think lighter shades of black like grey will look better on her and will help her to enhance her dusky complexion. Her smile says a millions things about her simple persona.

9. Rihanna with White Shirt and Gold Necklace

rihanna beautiful skinPinit

Can you see her beautiful golden round earrings? Her plaited hair style is super cool. She is wearing a loose white shirt with a gold necklace, which is not clearly visible in the pic. But the best part however is the glow that seems to be a part of her here!

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10. Rihanna in Pink Bikini

rihanna bikini photosPinit

In this pink bikini, isn’t Rihanna looking like an innocent cherub? Her cute smile and curly hair acts as a killer combination. This pic shows her in very different avatar – not her usual edgy self.

Hope you found this pics of Rihanna without makeup and wig interesting. Don’t you agree that her makeup and no makeup looks doesn’t make much difference? Share your thoughts through the comments!