29 Pictures Of Tamanna Without Makeup

“You’re turning heads when you walk through the door,
Don’t need makeup,
To cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough!”

Oh! How much these One Direction ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘ lyrics suit our wide-smiled Tollywood beauty Tamanna Bhatia! It’s funny if we think about it, but, ‘Actresses can look absolutely fabulous without any pancake on’ – if you get the drift. More often than not, we keep ourselves mentally prepared for cringing whilst stumbling across any post that focuses on ‘No-Makeup’ looks of the celebrities. Even top actresses from both Hollywood and Bollywood have admitted to being two different people with and without makeup on. But, hey, who are we to judge? Anyhow, in the smaller, yet wildly popular segment of Indian Cinema, a.k.a. Tollywood, it’s pretty common to see stars walking in and about sans their ‘other-skin’..heh..heh… But, trust me, most of them look stunning and fresh, and if that’s even possible – way beautiful than their ‘screen-faces’!

Don’t carry that look, my dearies, I am not stating that without any proof – wink, wink! So, scroll down to have a glimpse of Tamanna’s without makeup looks (and see for yourself!).

Tamanna Bhatia Without Makeup

Have a look at some of the latest pictures of Tamanna without makeup.

1. Simplicity Is Style

Tamanna's Simplicity Is Style Pinit

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Tamanna is naturally blessed with gorgeous skin. She does not need to go to great lengths in order to make her natural beauty stand out. Her face is nearly bare, although there is a slight hint of blush, kajal, and mascara.

2. A Day At The Cafe

Tamanna in a coffee shop - Tamanna without makeup Pinit

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Here we see Tamanna in a coffee shop deeply engrossed in a conversation. She appears to be a keen listener! Sporting a casual top, and no makeup save for some light kohl on her lower lash line, she looks absolutely pretty!

3. Prom Princess

Prom Princess - Tamanna Bhatia Without Makeup Pinit

Via: Source

She looks stunning in this magenta halter dress. Her hair is in an updo, drawing focus to the beautiful features on her face. Her skin is glowing with her charm and beauty. It’s a glam look overall!

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4. The Big Sister

The Big Sister  - Tamanna Without Makeup Pinit

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With a happy child in her arms, Tamanna looks like she would be an absolutely wonderful older sister. We can clearly see how happy she is to have the young girl in her arms! Lucky girl!

5. Family Friendly

Tamanna Bhatia Surrounded By Family And Friends Pinit

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Even from an early age, Tamanna seems to be a friends’ favorite. Here we see her surrounded by family and friends. Although this may have been before her debut in the film industry, she looks adorable and beautiful as ever!

6. Tamanna With Kajal Agarwal

Tamanna With Kajal Agarwal Pinit

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Most of the times we only see Tamanna’s poised and elegant side. But here, as you can see, she is fully displaying all her thirty-two (or so I guess, I’ll have to call her dentist to confirm) pearly whites with a burst of energy. Rather than posing formally, she shows off her quirky side and no makeup face. Relatable, isn’t it? That’s why everyone seems to love it!

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7. A Part Of The Gang

Tamanna with Prabhudeva  Pinit

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Looks like Tamanna is holding her own absolutely well when hanging out with the boys! She looks like she doesn’t have any makeup on but her sense of style is commendable. A flannel shirt and a bodycon dress? Girl, that’s dope!

8. Red Beauty

In Complete Red - Tamanna without Makeup Pinit

Image: Twitter

The scarlet hues perfectly complement her bright complexion and rose-tinged cheeks that absolutely need no-makeup. Yes, she is sporting a bright red lipstick, but that’s about it! She looks classy. And what picture can explain things better than a candid shot that is supposedly taken after some event! A bare-beauty indeed!

9. That Telugu Girl

Tamanna Bhatia Looks Lika a Telugu Girl Pinit

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Looks like this was for one of her first roles in Tollywood. She’s got the whole Telugu girl next door attire down with the top, long skirt, bangles, and a tiny bindi!

10. Tamanna’s Coffee

Tamanna's Special Coffee Pinit

Image: Instagram

This shot explains the complacent beauty that lies in leisure, that even stars have their love for things, for places, and for food and beverage. For our Tamanna, it’s in the Perfectly Blended Coffee that she enjoys a lot! Her bare face and twinkling eyes mark the happiness that holding the cup of soul is bringing to her! She looks so exquisitely beautiful, that it is a no wonder that she has shot up on the list of most-sought-after Tollywood actress within a few years. Pure, indeed!

11. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Tamanna's No Makeup Face with Her Friend Pinit

Image: Instagram

Tamanna seems to be quite confident with her no makeup face, as her instagram is home to multiple no-makeup pictures. When she’s not working, she is makeup-free and casual, like most of us, and loves hanging out with her friends. She makes it a point to take out some time for them.

12. Short Flights And Long Conversations

Short Flights And Long Conversations Pinit

Image: Instagram

When the girls come around, it’s always a good time! As Cyndi Lauper sang, “Girls just wanna have fun”! Tamanna seems to be catching up with some of her girlfriends on a short flight. But that doesn’t stop them from spilling out every single detail about themselves!

13. A Splash Of Nostalgia

A Splash Of Nostalgia Pinit

Image: Instagram

Tamanna may be a star now, but she certainly hasn’t forgotten her roots or her old life. Who needs makeup when you’ve got happiness to make your face glow. She is practically beaming in this picture with her childhood friend as they talk about going back to school and eating samosas!

14. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Tamanna with Mehandi at Her Friend's Marriage Pinit

Image: Instagram

While we’re on the topic of friends, she clearly does not miss out on any occasions or festivities involved in a best friend’s wedding, and that includes the mehendi function. Tamanna and her friend pose brightly at the camera with mehendi adorned hands.

15. Doggie Diaries

Tamanna with her pet Pinit

Image: Instagram

Dogs truly are a woman’s best friend. It is quite evident that she loves dogs and animals either from her instagram posts or through various acts of kindness. This is another reason why it’s all the more easy to fall for this cutie!

16. Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out Pinit

Image: Instagram

Tamanna takes some time out of her busy schedule for herself and her friends. She is seen here having a fun girls night with her friends. They’re all lucky to have each other as they seem to be having a good time!

17. Leading Ladies Of Tollywood

Leading Ladies Of Tollywood Pinit

Via: Source

Here, Tamanna is seen socializing and having a good time with some of the leading ladies and wives of Tollywood stars. She is truly a social butterfly, managing to mingle with everyone in the industry!

18. Eyes Are The Mirror Of One’s Soul

Tamanna’s ‘eye-popping’ charms Pinit

Image: Twitter

‘Those wide and introspecting eyes that hold nothing; orbs that impart charm and innocence; deep sets of beauty that give away immense love.’

Totally popped-out-of-literature, I know, but how much these lines fit Tamanna’s ‘eye-popping’ charms! Even when they are nude and void of any sort of smokey bliss. Years of work pressure, tiredness, and sleepless efforts are maybe evident in them, but, they are in no way able to mask the true beauty of this Punjabi girl.

19. But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie Pinit

Image: Instagram

We are blessed with another selfie from Tamanna. The fans enjoy the selfies as much as she enjoys taking them. With or without makeup, she slays!

20. For Friends, Forever

Tamanna's Selfie With Her Friend Pinit

Image: Instagram

She looks like she’s in school in this one! Her skin is so healthy, it makes me wonder what she does to be gifted with such flawless skin. Tamanna is not one to shy away from impromptu pictures.

21. Lips That Pout

Lips That Pout Pinit

Image: Instagram

They say that the roots never leave a person, no matter wherever they are, and it’s so true. The Girl-next-door Tamanna Bhatia may have become the hotness-alive ‘Tamannaah’ in South India, but, her Sindhi blood (and beauty) will never leave her. Who in the whole wide world can ignore her ‘milky-white’ and absolutely flawless complexion, or the rosy tinge that adorns her smooth and high cheekbones when she offers a breath-taking smile, or yes (drumroll, please), her thick, luscious, and kissable pouty lips!

22. One Bright Day

Tamanna On One Bright Day Pinit

Image: Instagram

The ardent followers of ‘Tamannaahspeaks’ know her crazy and affectionately cute love for pups. Time and again, this ‘Baahubali – The Beginning‘ actress can be seen posing in her home attire and look with her beloved pup or with the numerous dogs she stumbles across. But, anyway, we are her to talk about her feminine charms that double when she is with minimal or no makeup – and see, how pretty she looks with just kohl and a toothy smile on. Her radiance is infectious indeed!

23. Splendidly Gorgeous

Tamanna Looks Fresh and Gorgeous Even Without Makeup Pinit

Via: Source

Coined as Milky-beauty in Tollywood, Tamanna’s beauty reflects in every movie she acts in. Be it the vivacious, yet down-to-earth ‘Geeta’ from the 2009 sleeper hit Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam, or the dynamic warrior princess ‘Avanthika’ from the latest National Award Winning Movie Baahubali- The Beginning – she has played it all, she has lived it all. This picture of her portrays the childish innocence and oh my, she doesn’t really need to put on makeup, like really!

24. Doggie Talk

Tamanna’s love for dogs Pinit

Image: Instagram

How can we not include this picture, after mentioning Tamanna’s love for dogs? In any case, both the human and the pet show their immense love for each other in this picture from Tamanna’s IG. She is looking absolute ‘homey’ in a simple-white-tee and no-makeup.

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25. Skin That Dazzles

Skin That Dazzles Pinit

Image: Instagram

A pretty oval-shaped face that brings out the inner depth of this Mumbaikar, Tamanna is the proud owner of the sky-rocketing cheekbones and chiseled bone structure that in no way can be taken under the undernourished category. She is perfect, the way she is!

26. The See-Through Selfie

The See-Through Selfie of Tamanna Bhatia Pinit

Image: Instagram

Another of her attractive clicks that says a lot about the in-born fashionista! The cute and glossy berry-colored pout, the casual and effortless fall of wavy hair, the flawless fair skin, and most importantly, the blue-tinted reflective round glares that are suiting her diva look perfectly. Just wow!

27. Smile That Belongs To Another World

Tamanna's Smile Looks So Cute Even Without Makeup Pinit

Via: Source

“And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for a while.
‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing,
Just the way you are!”

We just cannot create a list and not include the most charming part about this young lady – her stunning smile. A smile that gives away the slightest hint of mischievousness, yet innocence, a smile that can lit up the whole universe. A smile that is both pretty and hot, cool and warm, just what Bruno Mars portrayed in his song Just The Way You Are.

28. It’s Nap-Time

Tamanna at Nap Time Pinit

Image: Instagram

A completely relaxed selfie of Tamanna and Pebbles, her baby who just turned one. The light-eyed beauty lays awake with a beautiful smile on her face, cuddling the life out of Pebbles – and it’s just too lovely to look at, right?

29. Under The Blue Sky

Under The Blue Sky Pinit

Image: Instagram

What would be more perfect than this picture to end this highly stunning list? This amazingly attractive picture of a Beach Holiday that Tamanna shared on IG just last summer makes her look just fabulous. It shows the completely jovial side of the beautiful actress. She is sans makeup, and looks very fresh. Anyhow, who would bother with makeup before heading out for a long day under the sun?

Here, with this amazing picture, we conclude the list of the exquisite shots of Tamanna without makeup, but, it can’t be ended without your participation. So, tell us how much you liked the post by commenting in the section below.