Easy Smokey Eye For Asian Eyes – Simple Ways to Add Mystery And Drama to Asian Eyes.

Asian eyes are known for their unique shape and exotic features – the almond shaped eyes of the eastern world have enthralled the rest of the world. However some people with Asian eyes or smaller eyes tend to shy away from applying makeup because of their peculiar shape. However, this beautiful eye type can perfectly carry all sorts of makeup, provided a few facts and tricks are taken into account.

One of the most beautiful techniques to add mystery and allure to eyes is the Smokey eye. It is considered as one of the most difficult techniques to master, though you can easily adapt it to suits your smaller Asian eyes.

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Be it the traditional black monochrome or something with a more vivid blue pop of color, it works for all.  A Smokey eyes for Asians can be adapted for any eye shape and any eye color. By choosing different finishes like matte, glittery, satin or shimmery, a wide variety of looks can be done for all occasions. Smokey is not only a staple for night outs and parties, but can be incorporated into your daily morning work makeup routine too.

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Smokey eye for Asian eyes is not much different from the Smokey eye for any other eye type. Asian eyes are often type casted as being monolids, which is not the case. They can be either partially or fully hooded, a normal but deep set eye , heavy top lids, and even the perfect cat eye shape. Because of the position of the crease and less space between the upper socket bone and the lower cheek bone, Asian eyes appear smaller. It’s not always necessary to create an illusion of bigger, wider doll-like looking eyes. Embracing and enhancing your natural eye shape can add a unique dimension to your personality.

Common problems with Asian eyes:


  • Creasing – it happens because of the position of the natural crease. Mostly due to the upper lid, which sort of folds on itself either hiding on reducing the visibility of the natural crease line? Due to this, at times,eye shadows, liners etc.do not last as per their claimed lasting power and creases start to appear on the lids. This leads to a very grubby and undesirable appearance.
  • Even after doing the whole eye makeup, once the eye is open, the painstakingly done makeup is not visible.
  • Makeup appears in the form of patches rather than a well-blended look as a whole.
  • Eyes look sunk in after applying eye shadows.
  • Eyes often end up looking smaller.
  • Makeup doesn’t last long.
  • Eye shape gets altered.
  • Eyes look like they are about to pop out of the skull. This means, the eye makeup is unbalanced with the rest of the face. It ends up giving the whole face a very gaunt appearance.
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Smokey Eyes for Asians – Fool Proof Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Having a proper base is very important as it prevents your eye makeup from creasing or smudging. You can use a primer meant for eyes. But given how expensive good eye primers are, you can make your own eye shadow base by applying your favorite concealer or foundation to your overall mobile upper lid.Make sure it goes beyond the crease until the brow bone. Don’t forget to pull it along the lower lash line. Now pat over some loose powder, pressed powder or an eye shadow similar in shade to your skin. This gives a perfect base for your lighter shades to adhere to and the darker shades blend easily.Since your eye shadows adhere better, they don’t crease as easily and doesn’t even appear muddy in the middle of the day.

  • In order to solve the issue of the eye makeup not being visible, place your eye shadow including your base and crease shades much above than the normal mobile lid. This helps not only in lifting the eyes but also opens them better. It also helps in letting the eye shadows stay visible. Since the crease work is much higher than your normal crease, the look doesn’t fade; neither does it get easily smudged.
  • After applying eye shadow, if the makeup appears to be patching, it could be due to improper layer of the eye shadow. Instead of packing on 1 thick layer of eye shadow,add 1 layer at a time and blend it out.  This would give you a maximum Smokey intensity. In fact, you could add more layers until the desired intensity is achieved.

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  • If your eyes look sunken and seems like you haven’t eaten for days, or have a tendency to lose the vitality after you apply makeup, try to alter the shades of eye shadows. Especially do this for the shadow you use as a base. After some trial and error, you can easily find out the eye shadows that bring new life to your eyes and make your eyes to pop.
  • If you have smaller Asian eyes, do not ever apply darker eyeliners on your waterline. This gives an illusion of smaller eyes. Also, wear your upper lid eyeliner curved rather than a straight flick from the outer end joining at the middle of your lid.
  • Also, an important thing to keep in mind that you need to make your brows more defined when wearing a Smokey eye. Since it involves usage of darker shades, attention of the viewer goes directly to the eyes and the lack of balance throws the viewer off balance. Don’t opt for dramatic overtly arched filled in brows, even a soft well defined brow can balance the look.
  • Having a flawless base is essential for a dramatic Smokey eye. This way, the focus remains on the eyes and not on the flaws.
  • Also, one cannot undermine the importance of contouring and highlighting. This adds dimension to the face, and the face along with the eyes appears more chiseled rather than flat.