How To Do Korean Bridal Makeup?

Looking for amazing bridal makeup tips online? Are you in search of simple and brilliant Korean makeup ideas for this wedding season? If you found yourself nodding along to these questions, then you must try our very own Korean Bridal Makeup Tutorial.

These tips make dressing up so much more fun and effortless. Keep reading the post to learn more!

What You Need:

  • Regular makeup primer
  • Makeup foundation
  • Concealer for blemishes and dark circles
  • Face powder
  • Brown eyeshadow/different shades of brown
  • Brush
  • Mascara
  • Lip liner
  • Lip gloss
  • Lipstick

Korean Bridal Makeup Guideline

  1. Pick a liquid foundation or makeup primer that contains sunscreen with SPF 15. Dab a bit of the primer on your hand. Dab it using a brush and blend it out all over your face.
  1. Use foundation next in the same method. Don’t forget to cover up the neck, and use foundation over the eyes as well. It will take time to blend in, so relax and be patient.


  1. Start applying the primer eyeshadow all over your eyelids at first.
  1. Use pencil eyeliner and darken your eyelids with a couple of strokes. Next, use a brush to blend the colors and create a smudgy look.
  1. Use brown eyeshadow on top of this with the help of a brush. Apply a shimmery shade on top to complete the look.

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  1. Finally, pick the darkest shade to cover the outer corner of your eyes. Blending requires you to be patient, but the results are always good.
  1. Now it’s time to use eyeliner. Use Kohl or Kajal or a liquid eyeliner for this one. Thicken towards the end.
  1. Get hold of a nude pencil and highlight your lower eye using that. Use black Kajal on top of that.
  1. Once that is done, use some dark mascara to highlight your lashes a little more.
  1. You can also use the mascara to darken your brows.
  1. To highlight your eyes a bit more, you can use another coat of dark eyeliner.
  1. Finally, it’s time to use your blush. Begin from the back of your cheeks and slowly spread it all over the cheekbones. Try this on both the sides.
  1. Use a red lip liner for your lips. Outline them at first. Next, pick any shade you want and apply like you usually do.
  1. You can also use a combination of two lipsticks at one go. Make sure they belong to the same color but are of a different shade. Just use a tissue paper and blot your lips after application. Apply the cream gloss first. Blot. Apply lipstick. Blot. Apply lipstick, and you are done.

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Our favourite YouTuber, Michelle Phan, has some interesting and fun tricks up her sleeve that will definitely help you stand out!

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Korean Beauty Secrets To Get You Ready For The Wedding

  1. Just like your throat, your skin can get dry too. So make sure to apply a face mask every alternate day. This will improve the texture of your skin.
  2. Don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize.
  3. Wash your face a couple of times every day.
  4. Drink a lot of green tea and eat foods that contain Vitamin B.

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