Nigerian Bridal Makeup – A Simple Stepwise Tutorial

Looking for exotic and fun ideas to glam up your Nigerian friend for her wedding? Thinking of ideas that will accentuate her look and help her stand out? Then you have definitely come to the right spot!

Some of the best secrets of Nigerian bridal makeup have been revealed right in this post. Go ahead and check them out!

The Eternal Nigerian Beauty:

Nigerian women are absolutely gorgeous, don’t you agree? The ladies here know how to look glamorous without spending a million bucks. Styling and makeup are definitely their forte, and you’d be surprised to know the number of tricks they have up their sleeves.


  1. Foundation
  2. Face powder
  3. Thick brush
  4. Pink lip gloss
  5. Pink lipstick
  6. Red lip liner
  7. Eye liner
  8. Smudge free Kajal
  9. Thin brush



1. Always start off with the eyes. You first have to apply white eyeshadow on both your eyelids. Use brown on top of the white and try to blend the colours. Make sure the colour is light.

2. Next, pick a dark shade of purple for your eyelids. Take dark blue next and apply on the outer corner of the eye. Choose pink eyeshadow and apply on the other side of your eyes. Blend the colours together now. Use a thick brush for this. You can add some shine with pink glitter. Apply white eyeshadow on the inner corner again.

3. Now you have to use eyeliner for your eyes. A few thin strokes would be enough. Use Kajal for the lower eyelids. Some mascara at the end would be ideal too.

4. Next we come to the face. Use a skin-friendly skin primer. On top of that, you can apply foundation that suits the complexion. A sponge should be used to blend.

5. Get hold of a concealer to hide all blemishes and dark circles. You may use a brush to blend the colour and create an even look.

6. If you like face powder, do use some with a regular thick brush. This should give the bride a light and radiant appearance.

7. For your lips, outline them with a regular red lip liner. Colour your lips with light pink lipstick. Finally use some pink lip gloss to finish your look.

Popular Wedding Makeup Tips For Nigerian Women:

1. For your lips, use colours that are neutral, earthy, dark or burgundy. Dab some lip gloss too. Go for a lip liner that matches the colour of the lipstick.

2. Metallic eye shadow always does wonders on Nigerian women. The darker your skin is, the brighter colours you can pull off. Black mascara can also make you look very sexy. Try false eyelashes for a sexier look.

3. Yellow based foundation is best for women who have dark skin. Shimmer is always good for highlighting.

If you are still confused, here are a couple of YouTube videos you can try.

1. Omabelle Makeup Ideas:

This ten minute video is absolutely amazing for all young Nigerian brides. Brought to you by Omabelle, the tutorial is fun, simple and definitely a must for ladies who are running out of makeup ideas.

2. Jackie Ann Makeup:

This makeup tutorial is super easy to do. You don’t have to ask a professional to help. All you need is a little patience and practice and you are good to go. Definitely give this video a shot and let us know what you think!

How did you like this post? Have you tried our tips and ideas? Let us know your makeup experiences in the comment box below.