The Gorgeous Nargis Fakhri’s Beauty Secret

This girl is truly a “Rock Chick in a Hard Rock World”! She is gorgeous. But what will really charm you is the fact that she is so full of life, has a brilliant sense of humor and is totally down to earth. It is ironic how this American citizen, born to a Pakistani father and a Czech mother, has whole-heartedly accepted Bollywood as her new home. Her debut in Rockstar was a great launch pad, and ever since, there is no looking back for this beautiful lady!

You will be surprised to know that Nargis Fakhri is 34! She says, “It’s important to look good, but youth has nothing to do with how you look. I think it’s more to do with how you feel about yourself. I feel 12 at heart, so I look and feel the way I want to.” Well, that sounds utterly inspiring, and what better than getting beauty tips straight from the horse’s mouth!


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Beauty Bytes:

This damsel is never in a beauty distress. She trusts in deep cleansing and moisturizing, and these steps form an integral part of her daily routine. She swears by the Neutrogena face wash. Although she uses freshly pressed olive oil to remove her makeup, she is not a big fan of makeup and believes she looks best devoid of any makeup. She is not loyal to any brand and totally loves natural therapies, off her kitchen racks. She suggests that it is best to understand the properties of fruits and vegetables and use them as skin-care products. She thoroughly endorses fresh milk cream as a moisturizer.

She pampers herself occasionally with a glycolic peel or an oxy facial. She indulges in a Proacity face mask a few times a month.

The Matters Of The Mane:

Vouching for her natural, organic approach, Ms. Fakhri loves coconut oil and uses it not only to massage her hair a few times a week but also as a conditioner. She says post a shampoo, using a drop or two of coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner, gives those tresses a perfectly moisturized glow. You are left with smooth and silky hair, each time.

All For Fitness:

A little bit of trivia: Nargis has been a former contestant at America’s Next Top Model. With a body like hers, it isn’t surprising at all! But what is interesting is that she hates gymming and loses calories by moving around, using the stairs, and practicing Zumba.

First, let’s talk about the stairs. Well, she has gone as far as climbing 52 floors to see her friend in Manhattan, having stopped only on the 20th floor to take a two-minute break. So, she really uses this as a major bit of her workout routine.

She loves dancing and believes that dancing and laughter can bring out the best in you. Therefore, after a few quick stretches, Ms. Fakhri takes to her favorite work-out routine – Zumba.

The Most Important… The Right Habits:

She is a firm believer that to look great, good genes must complement good habits. Therefore, she eats right and drinks at least 2 liters of water every day. She also makes sure she sleeps for eight hours every night. She takes vitamin supplements every day. She has small meals every two hours.

What we must really focus on, though, is how she stresses on eating right. Nargis says that eating healthy must be one’s commitment to oneself, for life. She seeks solace in food, and luckily for her, healthy food. Her staples consist of fresh vegetables, bananas, and eggs. She totally avoids aerated drinks, processed foods, and sugar. She also tries to minimize the intake of milk and bread.

She cooks with love, and, hence, loves whipping up meals for herself, including both grains and pulses in her diet. She loves dark chocolate.

On A Typical Day, This Is What Her Menu Looks Like:

Breakfast- 3 Boiled Eggs

Snack- Almonds, Cranberries, Walnuts

Lunch- A veggie soup with some salad or a chicken sandwich

Snack- 2 bananas or an orange with a piece of dark chocolate

Dinner- Sardines with onions and a Melba toast or Quinoa and mixed vegetables

Happy-go-lucky and oh so simple, she is one bombshell you should totally look out for! Her simple and straightforward ways of life are so easy to adapt. Who knew looking good meant being happy and staying healthy? And we, the Magi, keep running after useless products and therapies. Food for thought?