How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Perfectly

Those who love eye makeup will swear by mascara. It gives your eyes that dramatic effect that every diva craves for. However, removing the mascara can be quite a task, specially if it is waterproof. Waterproof mascara sticks to your lashes all day long. Its water resistant feature makes the removal of this type of mascara a huge challenge. If you tug, pull, or rub vigorously, you may end up pulling your lashes out and damaging the delicate skin around your eyes.

However, removing your waterproof mascara doesn’t necessarily have to be that painful. There are several commercial products that can come to your rescue, but if you prefer natural products, you can use oils to remove the product. Olive oil, almond oil, and baby oil are a few oils that come in handy when removing waterproof makeup.

You Will Need

  • Makeup remover
  • Baby oil/olive oil/almond oil
  • Cotton pads/tissue paper
  • Q-tip
  • Sponge

How To Remove Waterproof Mascara

Technique 1

tissue paper and pour Pinit


Take a cotton pad/tissue paper and pour a few drops of the oil of your choice or the waterproof eye makeup remover on it. Place the cotton underneath your eyelashes and let your lashes get soaked for about 30 to 40 seconds. Doing this will dissolve the mascara and make it easier to get rid of. After soaking it, gently slide the tissue paper/cotton pad over the length of the lashes and clean your mascara.
Once you have cleaned your eyelashes of the mascara, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and follow it up with your regular skin care regime.

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove the stubborn waterproof mascara in a jiffy.

Technique 2

alternate way of removing your stubborn Pinit

An alternate way of removing your stubborn waterproof mascara is by using a sponge and a Q-tip. Place the sponge just underneath your lashes. Dip the Q-tip into the oil or the makeup remover and rub it on the lashes, until the mascara is wiped off. This easy technique helps in cleaning each eyelash smoothly.

addition to these techniques Pinit

In addition to these techniques, there are many different tips and tricks that can remove the most stubborn of makeup products. But then, they can be harsh on your beautiful eyelashes and the delicate skin around your eyes. So, you can just follow our tips for removing the mascara from your eyes, and let your skin smile! For those of you who still don’t know how to apply mascara perfectly, and tend to skip it because of that, you are missing out on a great deal. They make your eyes look fabulicious!
Do you have any hacks for removing mascara? Do let us know by leaving a comment below!